Monday Morning Tinkerback

Who would have EVER thought they’d dread the weekends?

I do pretty well during the week.  I drink my Herbalife shakes, eat veggies and fruit in reasonable quantities.  I exercise.  I. Have. It. GOIN’. ON. The weekends though, fuck up my world.

I did ok Saturday, but only OK.  Great never even entered my mind.  Sunday though?

Oy. Vey!

I ate biscuits without even thinking about it.  Then I figured, “Eh… I already broke my bread fast.  I may as well enjoy it.”  Then ate a couple more at dinner.  I ate banana bread.  I had breakfast sausage.  Any of those things alone wouldn’t have been HORRIBLE or even bad.  Together though?  Ugh.  Bad. Food. Day.  Top it off with no exercise because my back was bothering me and I wimped out because of it, and you have the makings of HOT MESS SUNDAY.

However, last night I did some research and found a DVD for strengthening your core muscles.  Yanno… back… stomach… I REALLY need to get those muscles in gear.  I can’t stand or walk for very long AT ALL and the later in the day it gets, the more quickly those muscles give out on me.  I hate it.  It makes me angry with myself.  It makes me cry.  (I am not exaggerating.  I actually cry in the evenings when they give out faster and faster.  It’s so damn frustrating.   I am a wussy.)  The awesome part of this DVD?  The exercises are designed for people with mobility issues.  You do them in a chair.  A. CHAIR.  It’s entirely possible that I could do the 20 minute set without killing myself.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m pretty excited about having found this and they have other DVD’s designed for people with mobility issues that are aerobic in nature as well as stretching exercises.    I’m hoping to get them all eventually, but Imma start with the Strengthening DVD and move forward from there.

I’m back on track today.  I had my breakfast shake.  As soon as I hit “Post” on this sucker I’ll be getting my exercise on.  Then it’s housework for a bit.

I’ll get it right on the weekends eventually.  Damned if I know WHEN… but I will.  I struggle with it, a lot sometimes, but I’m getting there.

I have to remember to tink my mistakes slowly and steadily without letting them throw me off.  I’m knitting a new pattern for myself and errors are GOING to happen.  C’est la tricoter.  C’est la vie.


4 responses to “Monday Morning Tinkerback

  1. You can do it, I have faith in you. Everyone has a bad day, and you’re allowed to indulge on occasion. Not doing so leads to failing. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    • I’m trying. 😀 I am noticing a pattern though. Weekends are hard. The next 3 weekend are going to be harder. Birthday party for the nephew next Sunday, Company coming in the following weekend, niece’s birthday party the FOLLOWING Sunday. I’m trying to plan ahead so my self sabotage is minimal. Heh.

  2. Weekends are hard as hell. All I want to do is cook all day long. And with that comes eating. Now that the weather is nice though, I try to stay outside. Pool is open I want to be in it! I love you for trying so hard!

    • I am SO jealous that you guys have a pool! I wish we had one… and a huge privacy fence so no one would see me in it! LOL

      I’m looking into joining a local Health Club that has a pool. It would make getting more exercise a lot easier at this stage!