Falling Off… No… UNDER the Wagon

Oh Weekend!  It takes SO LONG for you to get here, and then you’re gone in the blink of an eye!

We had a fantastic weekend!  Friday was The Husband’s birthday and his parents came in for a 24-ish hour visit.  We had a fantastic Italian feast at Martinelli’s Little Italy in Salina, KS.  Everyone was happy with their meals.  I behaved for the MOST part.  I ate NONE of their delicious fresh bread and butter.  I ordered a Caprese Salad as an appetizer, it was FABULOUS.

My entree’ was Talapia Piccata with a side of spiral pasta in a creamy pesto sauce.  I shared the appetizer with everyone and only ate about 1/3 of my pasta.  And then… I blew my diet to hell in spectacular fashion!  I had dessert.  Fresh pound cake with caramel and chocolate drizzle, Banana Gelato and caramelized bananas.  Holy… Amazeballs… that was fabulous.  I shared and I left 1/3 of it on the plate.  I didn’t do TOO badly, but unfortunately I knocked me off my healthy wagon for a bit.

After dinner we all went back to our house.  We were talking about the fascist ceiling fan/light fixture in our dinning room.  It was blowing bulbs in a couple of weeks.  We kept changing them and changing them and then… we ran out of bulbs.  My FIL decided at almost 9pm that we needed to go to Lowe’s in Salina and get a new fan and light kit to install.  Off the men went to get one!  My MIL and I stayed behind and chatted and laughed and I knitted a bit.  It was really some nice girl time with her!  The guys got back about 10:30pm and decided NOW WAS THE TIME!  They started installing the fan and light kit right then.  We finally finished around 2:30am.  OMG… I had dreams filled with the sounds of screws falling from the sky and hitting my hardwood floor.  It was CRAZY, y’all.  Funny as hell at moments though.

We went to bed around 3am and got up at 7am.  MIL, The Husband and I went to the Farmer’s Market.  Now, our Farmer’s Market is tiny.  I mean, 10 booths MAX.  We still managed to come home with pickled beets, fresh Yukon Gold potatoes, fresh cheese (some of which was Raw Milk cheese… ZOMG SO GOOD!), Farm Fresh Eggs, Zucchini Bread and Banana Nut Bread.  (The Zucchini Bread was of the eunuch variety.  Yanno… no nuts!  Bwahahah!)  Then we hit the grocery store.  I spent the rest of the day chopping everything in the house.  I chopped ‘taters, onions, bell pepper, Baby Bella Mushrooms, cantaloupe, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers and my left index finger.  (Yes, you read that right… Left… Index… Finger… CHOPPED!)

The men put up a 2nd ceiling fan.  This one in the living room.  They cleaned out the garage and put mulching blades on our riding lawnmower.  Also, they fixed the garage door.  My MIL attempted to save my front flower bed, but it was unsalvageable.  She pulled up my plants (Black eyed Susans) because the leaves all had this awful black fungus on them.  Next Spring we’ll start over with new plants.  Hopefully, by then I can do more in the yard.

We had a yummy late lunch of Hamburgers (no bun for me and topped with one of those farm fresh eggs), Packet Potatoes, Tomato, and cucumber and avocado Salad.  Later we snacked on the quick breads and drank coffee.  The In-Laws left around 8pm.

Saturday night I could barely move.  My body was SO DAMN SORE it was unreal.   It kinda pissed me off because compared to everyone else I did NOTHING.  Sigh… I’ll get there I know.  I know.  I just hate being the weakest link at a work party.

Sunday, The Husband and I just chilled out.  I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen a bit, but that was it for the most part.

Food-wise I did ok until we ate cheese and crackers.  I went a lil’ batshit insane becuase ZOMG that fresh cheese was so… so… good.

Also, I drank Soda this weekend.  Two huge Diet Dr. Pepper’s from Sonic.

I fell UNDER the wagon, yo!

However, I’m back on it today.  I had my breakfast shake and I’m going to snack on some Melon Salad later.  Lunch will be some tomatoes with S&P and a hamburger pattie topped with a fried farm fresh egg.  I’m also going to cook some more Packet Potatoes.  This time I’ll use ICan’tBelieveIt’sNotButter Spray on mine rather than real butter.  No cheese.  Just taters, onions, bell peppers and Baby Bellas.  Should be Yummmmmm.

After lunch I’ll do my exercise.  30 min on the mini arm cycle.  35 if I can handle it!

Onward and upward damnit!  No beating myself up for my weekend slide.  I did 3 weeks of healthy eating.  Two days of being kinda bad aren’t so awful.  I coulda been sooooo much worse.



Gifted, Oh Yeah

So, I’m about half-way done with the baby swaddling bag I’m knitting, and I am just about out of yarn.

Yep… Totally how I feel…

I read the pattern.  It SAID 400 yards of worsted, knit double strand.  I special ordered the yarn from a friend that dyes yarn, 400 yards of worsted weight yarn.  You’d THINK that would be enough for the project, right?  Unfortunately,  it DIDN’T specify that you needed 400 yards for each strand.  Sigh

I feel like I’m coming up short with a lot of things these days, but I’m trying to keep it all together. I’ve started my new anxiety/depression medication, but I’ve only been on it 3 days.  I really hope it makes a difference, and does it SOON.

In the meantime, I’m tying a knot in the end of my yarn and holding on…

Growing Pains

Sometimes, being a parent sucks.  Everyone knows it.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.

The Tween has been having lots of stomach issues lately, ever since we returned from Spring Break actually.   I’ve been concerned about it but not overly so.  He can be a bit nervous at times and he’s been getting fussed at a LOT lately.  He can’t seem to control his mouth most days, and it gets him in trouble.  I figured it was just fall out from that.  He’s a sensitive kid.

Yesterday, on top of a head cold, he was having trouble with his stomach “blowing out”, again.  It did it several times throughout the day and then several more once he got home.  I decided it was time to press him and find out what was going on with him.  Turns out, he and his best buddy are having problems getting along. The problems they are having are legitimate and being able to do NOTHING to truly help him is so very frustrating.

My kid is a GREAT kid.  However, his peers don’t really “get” him.  Adults do, of course he’s an only child and has been around mostly adults his whole life, so that makes a lot of sense.  Kids don’t know what to DO with him though.  He’s loud.  He’s dramatic.  He LOVES to talk… non… stop.  He has no sense of personal space. He has a temper from HELL.   He’s a very sensitive and emotional child.  He’s also the first one to approach someone who’s crying or hurt and try to help or make them feel better.  He’s fierce in his defense of those he loves.

I tried talking to him about all of those things.  The good and the bad and the awkward of who he is, but I had no answers on how to FIX the problem.  I can’t MAKE the other kids accept and like him.  I can’t MAKE the issues his friend is having with him go away.  All I can do is listen and give him hugs and HOPEFULLY help him find a way to temper the legitimate problems while not snuffing out how wonderful he is as a whole.  It doesn’t feel like ENOUGH though.  When we ended the conversation, I was left feeling helpless and useless and ineffective.  I can only imagine how he felt.

The Husband came home from work and had the child run and errand with him.  He got The Tween some gum and let him pick out dessert for that night.  When they got home and settled in, The Husband started a conversation with The Tween about extroverts vs. introverts.  He did it calmly.  He did it in a way The Tween could understand and it seemed to make an impact on him.  He explained things from the introverts perspective.  (He speaks from experience as he is TOTALLY an introvert.)

This may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but it TOTALLY filled my heart to see/hear.  The two of them have had an…. adversarial relationship for the last several years.  It seems to be changing though.  Slowly.  Quietly.  Unexpectedly.  We’re finally growing into a family.

Sometimes, parenting sucks.  Being a family makes it easier.

Knitting news:  I didn’t knit a stitch yesterday.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Today however?  I’ll be knitting the afternoon away!  Loose stitches today.  Loooooose.

Dorky Musings

This weekend was CRAZY y’all!

The Ex-Inlaws visit happened.  It was really nice.  I stressed out before, like I ALWAYS do when company is coming, but the visit itself was really nice.  🙂  It pays to stay friendly with your Ex and his family.  It makes things SO much easier for any kids involved.  It also pays to have a husband who deals with this sort of thing with class and aplomb.  Thank you Honey!  I love you! *Mwah*

We also had a couple of HUGE storms blow through Saturday evening/night.  Fortunately, we didn’t have any tornadoes close enough to do any damage.   Our sirens went off 5 times through the course of the night, but nothing developed where we could see or hear anything funnel like!  We spent a LOT of time texting friends and family who were also in the line of the storms.  Everyone we know and love was safe and sound, but MAN that was a crazy night!  I was up until almost 3am waiting for all the storms to blow through.  It was still thundering and lightning at that point, but all the warnings and watches had expired.   I tried going to bed but MeiMei was going batshit insane due to the storming.  I don’t think ANYONE got much sleep in this house Saturday night.  We were some cranky, listless people Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, we went and bought a new 55″ LED – LG television and a stand for it.  We actually started OUT looking for end tables and coffee tables.  Don’t. Ask.   I’m totally excited about it getting here later today though.  Nathan Fillion in HD!!!  *Dies from the hotness*

On the knitting front, ohhhh… the knitting front.  I have joined my first KAL (Knit Along) and I am TOTALLY excited about it!  I am going to make a Stripey Sleep Sack in this amazing colorway called Scooter!  (It’s a Muppet Colorway themed KAL).  I dunno which of the 3 (OMG THREE!!!  What is in the damn water folks?) pregnant family/friends will be on the receiving end of this project, but I’m SO EXCITED about making it!  Baby!  Stuff!  WOOOOOO!  I’m fairly certain any of the 3 babies are going to be ovary explodingly adorable in or out of this lil cocoon bag.  Sigh… I love babies.

I have ALSO signed up for the Ravlympics 2012 Plurk team!  We cast on during the Summer Olympics opening ceremonies and have to finish by the closing ceremonies!  I’m a slow knitter so this will be a real challenge for me to get my speed up and maybe not worry QUITE so much about it being perfect.  It’ll drive me crazy I’m sure, finishing something that isn’t done JUST right, but it’ll be a good learning experience for sure!


Weekend Warrior

Weekends seem to require Knitting Therapy lately!  I’m currently getting the guest room ready for my ex-inlaws.  They’re coming to visit for the weekend and to spend some time with The Tween.  I have no issues with it.  I just freak out anytime company comes.  My skills as a housekeeper are not so great.  It should be a fun and interesting weekend!  I hope yours is too.

WIP It, WIP It Good


THIS is my current WIP.  I’m attempting my first shawl, Sugar is Sweet.  It’s a simple piece, yet I’ve frogged it a dozen times.  Seriously.  TWELEVE times I have started, undone, and restarted this project. 


Making a shawl for your mom and TELLING HER you’re doing it before it’s done.

I love the color and the yarn itself.  So soft and squishy!  I’m hoping to get to the shell part of the pattern today!  *crosses fingers*  Wait… maybe THAT’S why I keep having to frog!