DVDs, NSVs and MFP!

This week has been good for finding new tools in my healthier living trek.

I started using an exercise DVD for people who are older or who have mobility issues (LIKE ME).  The one I bought is for strengthening your core muscles and let me tell you… it works!  After 3 workouts I can already stand and walk longer.  I’m amazed and TOTALLY stoked.  I hate working out.  I mean… really… don’t most of us?  It seems a chore and just so much… Blarrrrrrgh.  I’m actually looking forward to doing this DVD each day because I’m seeing results.

Also, if you’ll look over to the right of my blog you’ll see something new.  I have a weight loss ticker.  I signed up for MyFitnessPal and got it there.  It’s a great site as far as I can tell.  They have message boards with everything from recipes to motivational posts to music suggestions for work out playlists.  You can track your exercise, calories burned and calories/foods eaten.

Your friends on the site can comment on your food diary, cheer you on as you reach each goal you set for yourself and as you exercise.  I’m really digging the place!  If you’re on the site send me a friend request.  I’m there as “Dorkaleena”… of COURSE!  😀


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