Crazy Days

I know, I know. BAD BLOGGER! I’ve been silent for quite a while.

I’ve been keeping busy with my healthier living and we’ve had a flurry of weekend activity. We’ve had company, we’ve BEEN company, we’ve been to birthday parties, gotten new furniture and spent time with extended family. Unfortunately, there are no signs of it changing through the end of August. Whew!

The Tween returns home the VERY end of July, we are going on a big family vacation with the InLaws a week later. School starts up August 13th for The Tween. The following weekend its BACK out of town for a baby shower… It’s CRAZY. I’m TELLIN’ ya!

I’ve been a little less diligent with my exercise and diet but I’m trying to get strict with myself again. I used my mini arm cycle for 30 min today. I’ll be doing my Core Strength DVD once I post this.

I’m rather proud of myself for managing the food portion of things as well as I have. With all the craziness it would have been SOOOO easy to fall completely off the wagon, if not UNDER the wagon, but I didn’t. Yes, I had a bit of cake Sunday at my niece’s birthday party, but the rest of my food was handled well this weekend. *Does Happy Snoopy Dance*

I lost another 2 pounds as of my weigh in last Weds. and I’m down 24 lbs. total. I’m just keepin’ on… 😀


One response to “Crazy Days

  1. Glad everything is going so well. Yeah for weight loss continuing. I’m proud of you. Sounds like you’ve been quite busy. Hey, even though you haven’t been keeping up with your “normal” routine doesn’t mean anything. I think that you are concious of your food intake and activity that you ARE living a much healthier lifestyle. It has become part of the fabric of your life. THAT’S AWESOME!!! Looking forward to hearing about your family vacation. 😀 Catch ya later.

    And you’re making me want to start blogging more regularly…but who has the time? (LOL) I find that question quite funny since I find time for so many other things that I don’t even like.