Milestone Musings

Today I hit a couple of milestones.  YAY!

  • I sucked up my fear and weighed for the first time since I started really trying to get healthier.
  • I lost  pounds!!!!
  • I managed to exercise for 35 minutes today!
  • 16 minutes
  • 19 minutes!!!!!!

These may seem like odd things to be excited about (other than the weight loss), but they are signs of progress and forward momentum!  I’m making this work and I’m SO excited about it.  Even with my not so great eating over the weekend I’m doing pretty well.  Three weeks ago I could only exercise in 30 second to one minute bursts.  I could only do 10 minutes total before I was totally whipped.  I was terrified of weighing myself.  (Ok, so THAT hasn’t changed.  I DID push back the fear today though.  It’s a start!)

I also picked a pattern for my next knitting project.  I expect it to be totally adorable and squishy!  I can’t wait to cast on!  I just have to finish my SIL’s hat first.  I keep dragging my feet on it and I’m not sure why.  It’s not perfect, but what is?


2 responses to “Milestone Musings

  1. I think those are fantastic milestones and you should be proud of them.

    When it comes to knitting I find that I tend to be quite selfish right now, but I don’t really have anyone that I think would be appreciative of them. I knitted some fingerless mitts for my daughter. The second one is almost finished, but I stopped wanting to knit it because when she tried on the first one and the partially knit second one she instantly pulled them off. I lost interest completely, and they are still sitting in project bag waiting to be finished. It happens.