Binding On in a New Way

I know I’ve been silent for a lil while on here, but  I’ve been BUSY, Yo!

With my new outlook and mindset has come something, unexpected.  Wonderful, but not something anyone wants to hear about day in and day out.  Unfortunately, it’s kind of consuming my every thought and moment.  I’ve been making a concerted effort on getting my health back on track, and I’m really loving every second of it.

I’m exercising almost every day.

You have NO idea how huge that is for me.  I WANT to exercise.  I still suck as far as endurance goes.   I can only go for a few moments at a time.  Then I have to stop for a few.  Previously, I’d get to that stopping point and just… Stop.  (That’s IF I GOT STARTED AT ALL!)  Now, I press on until I’ve done 25 minutes of exercise.  Sure, it may take me 45 minutes to get it done, but BY GOD I’m DOING it.  Eventually, it’ll only take me 25 minutes, or it’ll still take 45 minutes, but that’s because I’m exercising the whole 45 minutes!

I’m drinking two Herbalife shakes a day.  One for breakfast and one for supper.  I’m supplementing with fresh fruit and veggie snacks like cucumber, tomato and avocado salad, cantaloupe and watermelon!  (I love this time of year!) Lunch is all about FOOD!  This week I’ve had hamburger patties topped with a slice of cheese and a fried egg (fried in non-stick pan with a lil spray oil).  No Bread.  No condiments.  SO YUMMEH!  I’ve also been experimenting with Lean Cuisine and other low cal frozen dinners.  If you’re interested I could start reviewing them here.  So far they are kinda hit and miss.  Whatever I have for lunch though, I have a nice fresh bowl of veggies, no dressing.  Just salt and pepper.  It helps fill me up and keep me full!

OH!  Speaking of bread, I have cut it out of my diet!  Almost 3 weeks now of no bread!  Really, most starchy things are gone.  I’m LOVING how it’s making me feel, but OMG… my blood sugars are crashing through the floor.  I have crashed almost daily since I’ve started this healthier eating and it’s wearing me out!  I’m decreasing my short acting insulin every day, but I still haven’t hit upon the right amount for my decreased/healthier eating and increased physical activity.  I’m thinking of putting potatoes back into rotation and maybe sweet potatoes.  I can fix them in different ways and it would keep me from crashing quite so much.

The one thing I DO miss is crunchy stuff.  Especially the last few days.  PMS IS TRYING TO ASSASSINATE MY PLAN!!!!  DAMN YOU HORMONES!!!!  Salty, sweet and crunchy is what I’ve been craving.  I have devised a not so horrible for me snack mix that seems to be keeping that in check though.  It’s four different kinds of Cheerio’s, Cracklin Oat Bran, dry roasted peanuts and mini chocolate chips.  I eat 1/4 to 1/2 a cup.  It’s high in fiber, has a lil protein, a lil chocolate, a lil salt and is decent calorie wise.  It’s got some short and long burning carbs and some fat so it helps my evening blood sugars stay level.  One-half cup of it clocks in at about 100 calories and is plenty to keep me feeling satisfied.

Anyone wanna do this with me?  (Obviously, you’d do it with your own preferred eating and exercise regime.  🙂 )  We can support each other and motivate each other and kick each other in the ass when we need it!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been knitting much with all of this going on.  I’m HOPING to get back to it VERY soon though.  I have a hat to finish for my SIL and Christmas Knitting to get started on!!!!  (Also, EVERY WOMAN I KNOW THAT IS FERTILE IS PREGNANT.  W. T. F. ?  LITERALLY! HAH!)

I’m open to suggestions and questions about all this stuff, by the way.  Email or comment away!


Hormones Are EBIL!

Today I’m fighting with my hormones and my body in general.  It’s not TIME for it, but that’s what peri-menopausal is.  It explains the way I felt yesterday though.  (Can I just say?  Spell Check came up with “peril-menopause” and that cracked me up SO. HARD.)

My system is in total disarray and I’m seriously not happy about it.  A TV show made me do the ugly cry last night.  The show we watched after that?  I laughed so hard I cried.  It wasn’t that funny.  I rarely get that weepy over a TV show.  (Though honestly, I was a bit over attached to this particular character.  Odd for me, but there ya have it.)  My moods swing on a dime.  One minute I’m fine, the next RAGE!!!  OMG!!!  DON’T BREATHE IN MY GENERAL VICINITY OR I WILL SMITE YOU!

Physically, I’m not doing much better.  My boobs hurt.  I have these weird little teeny cramps.  I used to get them just before Aunt Flo made her appearance, but now I get them all the fricking time.  They aren’t super painful, but MAN are they annoying.  I’m retaining so much water it’s ridonkculous.

I’m just a mess in general.

My poor husband and son have to handle all this.  I know how much all this is wearing on ME, I can’t imagine how much it’s bugging THEM.  It’s like I’ve been possessed or take over by an alien.  Ugh.

I try to control the outbursts, and I manage it somewhat successfully, but then when it DOES blow up it’s 100X worse.

A friend of mine on Plurk named Holly Gastgeb posted a comic for me today about this and it was HYSTERICAL:

Gross, but SOOOOOO perfect for the mood and mindset I'm in.

I totally want to print it and use it as a warning sign for The Tween and The Husband. *Shifty eyes*  WHUT????