Eeking Along

I’m trying to keep my hands busy today.  SUPER BUSY.  I started back on 2 meal replacement shakes (Herbalife) today and the desire to munch and snack and nibble on carbs is just OVERWHELMING.  So, I knit.

It seems all I can think about is food, though.  I need to occupy my brain as much as my hands.  Maybe the hat I’m knitting is too simple a pattern for today.  I think I’ll move on to the shawl.  I need to rip half a row.  Yeah.  That’ll keep my brain busy.

My meds seem to have started kicking in.  I’m less frantic, less “OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING”, less “I suck and everyone is better off without me.”  I’m not to rainbows and roses yet, but I’m headed that general direction.

A week from today, I start walking on the treadmill more frequently and more regularly.  Baby steps and tight stitches, that’s my next couple of weeks.  Baby steps and tight, teeny stitches…


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