Now the Race is On and Here Comes Pride in the Backstretch

I have new yarn on the way!!!!  My Muppet colorway is wending it’s way to me from AnotherCraftyGirl on Etsy and I’m SO excited!   This is my first time to order yarn from her and I cannot WAIT to get my digits on it and start knitting it up.  However, I’m trying DESPERATELY to get Sugar is Sweet as close to finished as I can before it gets here.  I have 47 rows left. Forty-seven.  Rows are so long now I don’t seem to be able to do more than 5 or so a day due to time constraints.  (Yes, I’m alone all day but I have other stuff to do too.  Also, NO KNITTING when the family is about.  NONE.  They distract me and OMG the frogging and the swearing and the rending of clothes that occurs!!!)

Anyway, ahem, I find myself racing the mailman.  I AM setting the shawl aside once my Muppet Colorway gets here, no matter what.  I am using the new yarn for a KAL.  It’s my first ever and I am NOT gonna fail out of it!  NONONONONONO.  It’s a new kinda challenge for me and I’m interested to see if I can meet it without losing my mind.  Project has to be completed by May 31.  I knit slowly.  Eeeek.  It’s April 27th already!  This should be interesting…  I’ll post a WIP photo once I get started.

This weekend is gonna be busy.  We have had some unwelcome visitors all week and HOPEFULLY they’ll be leaving us in the next day or two.  We’ve got a moth infestation in our garage, of all places.  We bought a bug zapper to take the lil basta’ds out, but apparently the weave on the cage is too tight for them to get in.  Tonight we clean out all boxes and whatnot and begin with the bug spray and cedar chips.

We’re also getting MORE visitors Sunday, but these we like.  My Inlaws are coming in to help us put up The Tween’s Trampoline.  He should be able to mess around on it some before leaving for the summer.  (God, that’s just getting closer and closer.)

Friday Funny?  Here ya go:

If ONLY it were that simple!


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    • I’ve always considered doing stuff like that for our mailman, but then I’m always afraid he’ll think I’m some psycho trying to poison him and don’t do it.

      Me? OVERTHINK things? NEVAH! LOL