Slip Sliding Away…

We are gearing up for the summer months.   The Tween gets out of school mid-May, and POTENTIALLY is leaving 2 days later for 8 weeks of being spoiled by grandparents and The Ex. (The Ex is The Tween’s bio-dad.)  I’m always so conflicted as we gear up for this part of the year.

The uninterrupted time with The Husband will be really nice.  We can really focus on us and just being together which is usually, pretty freaking fabulous.  However, I feel guilty for looking forward to that.  I’m really going to miss The Tween DESPITE the problems we’ve been having with him and his mouth/attitude.  He’s a really loving, sweet kid who is trying to learn to use sarcasm and humor, but doesn’t quite get the timing.  OMG HIS TIMING IS SO, SO HORRIBLE!  Seriously.  90% of the time he’s in trouble it’s due to this.  (Or what he CLAIMS is just jokes.  I STILL think he uses that to get out of trouble.  “OH SHIT I CROSSED THE LINE.  TIME TO SAY IT WAS A JOKE…” His internal monologue probably isn’t QUITE that organized, but he’s enough like ME that it’s ‘prolly a snarky S.O.B.)

Today’s portion of planning “The Big Trip” was buying his airline ticket to go see my parents for 2 weeks.  Tickets are CRAZY expensive, yo!  Also, he’s 11 so I have to pay the “Unaccompanied Minor” fee for him which adds another $100.00 to the price.  (If he has a layover it’s totally worth it, but for non-stop flights it’s kind of stupid really…) I was JUST about to buy his ticket when another option opened up.  HOPEFULLY, I’ll be flying him for about 1/4th the cost AND he’ll be accompanied on the flight by my ex-mil.  That would make things SO much easier.  I still have to flesh out all the details, and talk to my folks about it.  It moves his trip up by a week.  So, of course, my timeline for getting everything done is OFF the rails, but I’ll make it work.  It’s totally worth it for the savings and him having someone we know and trust with him on the flight.

I’m really excited about my knitting projects!  (Hang on, I’ll let you work out the conversational whip-lash for a moment…) Ok.  So, I’ve been knitting on Sugar is Sweet again.  I have 6 more rows until I’m at the shell pattern!  I’m so excited!  *quivers in my boots*  I thought I was closer than I was last week.  Apparently I need more fingers and toes to count with.  Oy!  HOWEVER, this weekend I’ll be working the shell pattern and HOPEFULLY I’ll have finished the shawl by the following weekend.

I do find I’m having an issue getting myself started with the knitting.  I enjoy it, but I keep putting off starting and don’t get NEARLY as much done as I could/should.  Not sure what that’s all about. I’m trying to get better about it.  It really DOES relax me and help my stress levels.  In fact, yesterday after posting here, I knit for a couple of hours and felt SO MUCH BETTER after.  Sometimes, I’m an idiot.

Finally, the weekend is upon us.  I thought I’d leave you with a Friday Funny:


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