Hormones Are EBIL!

Today I’m fighting with my hormones and my body in general.  It’s not TIME for it, but that’s what peri-menopausal is.  It explains the way I felt yesterday though.  (Can I just say?  Spell Check came up with “peril-menopause” and that cracked me up SO. HARD.)

My system is in total disarray and I’m seriously not happy about it.  A TV show made me do the ugly cry last night.  The show we watched after that?  I laughed so hard I cried.  It wasn’t that funny.  I rarely get that weepy over a TV show.  (Though honestly, I was a bit over attached to this particular character.  Odd for me, but there ya have it.)  My moods swing on a dime.  One minute I’m fine, the next RAGE!!!  OMG!!!  DON’T BREATHE IN MY GENERAL VICINITY OR I WILL SMITE YOU!

Physically, I’m not doing much better.  My boobs hurt.  I have these weird little teeny cramps.  I used to get them just before Aunt Flo made her appearance, but now I get them all the fricking time.  They aren’t super painful, but MAN are they annoying.  I’m retaining so much water it’s ridonkculous.

I’m just a mess in general.

My poor husband and son have to handle all this.  I know how much all this is wearing on ME, I can’t imagine how much it’s bugging THEM.  It’s like I’ve been possessed or take over by an alien.  Ugh.

I try to control the outbursts, and I manage it somewhat successfully, but then when it DOES blow up it’s 100X worse.

A friend of mine on Plurk named Holly Gastgeb posted a comic for me today about this and it was HYSTERICAL:

Gross, but SOOOOOO perfect for the mood and mindset I'm in.

I totally want to print it and use it as a warning sign for The Tween and The Husband. *Shifty eyes*  WHUT????


5 responses to “Hormones Are EBIL!

  1. Hahahaha!

    Since I had my parts removed life has been SO MUCH better for all those involved! I swear I should of had this done years ago!

  2. I’m totally feeling ya about this! We rented that new Planet of the Apes movie with the CGI Gorilla. I cried like it were my own child. The family just left me alone after that.

    • HAH! I loved that movie… and I cried too. You are NOT alone. (Though, OMG… 11 year old boys like to mock their mom’s when they cry over movies… or tv shows… or commercials…)