Dorky Musings

This weekend was CRAZY y’all!

The Ex-Inlaws visit happened.  It was really nice.  I stressed out before, like I ALWAYS do when company is coming, but the visit itself was really nice.  🙂  It pays to stay friendly with your Ex and his family.  It makes things SO much easier for any kids involved.  It also pays to have a husband who deals with this sort of thing with class and aplomb.  Thank you Honey!  I love you! *Mwah*

We also had a couple of HUGE storms blow through Saturday evening/night.  Fortunately, we didn’t have any tornadoes close enough to do any damage.   Our sirens went off 5 times through the course of the night, but nothing developed where we could see or hear anything funnel like!  We spent a LOT of time texting friends and family who were also in the line of the storms.  Everyone we know and love was safe and sound, but MAN that was a crazy night!  I was up until almost 3am waiting for all the storms to blow through.  It was still thundering and lightning at that point, but all the warnings and watches had expired.   I tried going to bed but MeiMei was going batshit insane due to the storming.  I don’t think ANYONE got much sleep in this house Saturday night.  We were some cranky, listless people Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, we went and bought a new 55″ LED – LG television and a stand for it.  We actually started OUT looking for end tables and coffee tables.  Don’t. Ask.   I’m totally excited about it getting here later today though.  Nathan Fillion in HD!!!  *Dies from the hotness*

On the knitting front, ohhhh… the knitting front.  I have joined my first KAL (Knit Along) and I am TOTALLY excited about it!  I am going to make a Stripey Sleep Sack in this amazing colorway called Scooter!  (It’s a Muppet Colorway themed KAL).  I dunno which of the 3 (OMG THREE!!!  What is in the damn water folks?) pregnant family/friends will be on the receiving end of this project, but I’m SO EXCITED about making it!  Baby!  Stuff!  WOOOOOO!  I’m fairly certain any of the 3 babies are going to be ovary explodingly adorable in or out of this lil cocoon bag.  Sigh… I love babies.

I have ALSO signed up for the Ravlympics 2012 Plurk team!  We cast on during the Summer Olympics opening ceremonies and have to finish by the closing ceremonies!  I’m a slow knitter so this will be a real challenge for me to get my speed up and maybe not worry QUITE so much about it being perfect.  It’ll drive me crazy I’m sure, finishing something that isn’t done JUST right, but it’ll be a good learning experience for sure!



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