WIP It, WIP It Good


THIS is my current WIP.  I’m attempting my first shawl, Sugar is Sweet.  It’s a simple piece, yet I’ve frogged it a dozen times.  Seriously.  TWELEVE times I have started, undone, and restarted this project. 


Making a shawl for your mom and TELLING HER you’re doing it before it’s done.

I love the color and the yarn itself.  So soft and squishy!  I’m hoping to get to the shell part of the pattern today!  *crosses fingers*  Wait… maybe THAT’S why I keep having to frog!


2 responses to “WIP It, WIP It Good

    • It’s Marisol Yarn – Toupa in the Jade colorwork. It’s a 50/50 wool/silk blend in Sport weight. I love it! (I’m putting in a lifeline just before I start the shell part of the pattern. Hopefully, it will save me from frogging again! LOL)