He Has Risen – So Have the Kids

I’m not a particularly religious person.  I’m more a spiritual being.  I’m a believer.  I’m a Christian.  I was raised Roman Catholic.  I have HUGE issues with organized religion.

That said, I want to take a moment today to wish you all a

Gather your family together and cherish the down time with them!


4 responses to “He Has Risen – So Have the Kids

  1. You and I are much alike when it comes to religion of the organized variety. However, I still believe and look to God for solace and comfort, as well as, times of gratitude and grace.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    ps, that rabbit is a bit scary lol

    • I hope you and ManCub had a great holiday! (As for the bunny… Why do you think it cracked me up so badly? THAT bunny with the bright sunny Happy Easter about did me in. Heh)

  2. Eep! I commented. I swear that I did haha Maybe you have to approve it first. Happy EASTER!

    • LOL You DID comment! For some reason, I have to approve comments the first time someone posts one. After THAT it’s fine! (Honestly, it’s probably some setting somewhere but I haven’t figured it out… YET!)