Tiny Stitches in My Yarn.

Can I just say, 11 year old boys are very strange creatures.  The Tween is a great kid.  He’s smart, funny (though not nearly as funny as he THINKS he is), loving…  HOWEVER, THE MOUTH on that boy.  OMG.  Apparently, in his estimation I am a gibbering idiot who knows NOTHING.  He tries to correct me about EVERYTHING I tell him or argues with me trying to make me see things his way.

My parents are LOVING this.  According to THEM I was quite the precocious kid.   I was very strong willed, stubborn and Mouthy McSpoutofferson.  I don’t remember being this bad.  I’m SURE I wasn’t.

*Shifty Eyes*


I totally remember it differently!

I was a model child.  Sweet, supplicating, and malleable.

I knew I couldn't get through that with a straight face...

Seriously though, I have no clue what to do with him.  I love him to pieces, but SOME days?  SOME days he makes me knit the tiniest of stitches… sigh.


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