Yarn Diets – It’s No Joke

April Fool’s Day may seem an odd time to start a new blog, but really, it’s a perfect summary of who I am!  I’m not overly complicated, but I am a huge dork who finds humor in a lot of things I probably shouldn’t, and a lot of the time the humor I find in Universally funny things is… um… skewed?

I thought you might need a primer on who am I and who I’m surround by in my life.  It’s as good a place to start as any.

Who am I?

I’ve been known by a lot of different names on the net.  Velvet Voice, NotAMeanGirl, InvisibleWoman, Tess, Tessa, The Fat Chick with a VOICE… I’ve always seemed to be searching for an identity that really FIT who I am.  All of me.  Recently, I started using the name Dorkaleena and the consensus seems to be that it’s perfect for me.  Hah!  Go. Figure!  But really, I wave my dork flag proudly.

I’m 43 year old woman who is going through Peri-meopausal changes.  There are a LOT of different aspects to who I am.  Honestly, I think if I tried to TELL you who I am you’d find I was full of shit as you read my posts.  I don’t think anyone really sees themselves the same way others do.  I’ll just have to let you find out the answer to THAT question as we go.

The Main Players:

I’m married to a wonderful guy who is at times, very quiet AND very silly. He’ll be known here as The Husband.

I have an 11 year old boy.  He’s going through Puberty.  Already.  (The combination of that and Peri-menopause?  Oh yeah…  It’s on like Donkey Kong around here.  The Husband hides in his Man Cave when those two hormonal landmines overlap.) Sonny Boy will be known as The Tween.

We have a miniature dachshund named Macie or MeiMei.  She’s spoiled rotten and a brat through and through.  However, such a loving little soul!

What is this blog going to be about?

I feel like there is a lot of bloat in my life.  I spend too much time alone and too much time all up in my head space.  I worry too much and I micromanage too much.  I eat too much and I’m too sedentary.  You get the idea.  I do best when I’m accountable to someone OTHER than myself.  So, I’ve decided to use both kinds of yarn, verbal and fiber, to try and get myself in gear and set to rights.  Knitting and blogging, cheaper than therapy?


I’ll share stories about my attempts to live life, cut the fat, and knit ALL THE THINGS!


8 responses to “Yarn Diets – It’s No Joke

  1. It’s difficult to learn not to pull punches when you blog. You start out thinking “I’m putting it ALL down NO censorship!” and wind up thinking “Backspace! Backspace! Delete! Delete!”

    I’m eager to read your stuffs.

    • That’s so VERY true! Because I’m blogging to keep my self accountable (and share the dorkiness that is me LOL) I hope I can avoid that trap!

  2. Yay!! Remember to link us on plurk! I’m so bad at subscriptions but will click in links and read. This sounds like fun! ❤